My biography is still being written, but My name is Leo Dunson, known by some as SGT Dunson, I am 28 years old, born on July 2, 1985 in the city of Oakland California. After graduating high school I joined the US Army as an 11 bravo infantry man. Completed basic training at Fort Benning, Georgia like the rest of the infantry men in America. After basic training I was stationed at Fort Wainwright, Alaska where I would be stationed until the end of my contract. Eventually my unit was deployed to Iraq for a year and a half. While in Iraq I wrote my first music album entitled Soldier Music.  The album spoke to the every day soldier life that we had to live at war. The album was a hit amongst the guys I served with and other soldiers as well. So I continued to make music putting out album, after album, after album, even after returning from Iraq I continue to make music. A few years after getting back from WAR I discharged out the military and started to attend college. In college is where I got the name for my sixth studio album and first mix-tape From Boots to Books. This album spoke about the transition from the military lifestyle to that of a college student, hearing Professors teach about a war you actually fought in, watching kids walk around school in a military uniform that you actually fought, I’m telling you from the military to college is a story all in itself. Creating music has obviously been a great chunk of my life, CNN even did a feature interview on me, and how music has helped me coupe with PTSD, I’ve also been featured on the associated Press and TMZ, which is another story all in itself. Anyhow as I said starting this biography mine is still being written, I’ve always loved GOD, on almost every album that I have recorded I did a song speaking to GOD giving him thanks for all the blessings, and mercies he has had on my life thus far. As I continue to grow in my faith I’m sure my music and life will reflect that much more, I am currently a student at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas if you are ever in town stop by and say “What’s up.” The rest is To Be Continued…

3 thoughts on “Biography

  1. Hey big dog its Anthony Garcia The one you gave the your first CD too for Free at the club with your dress greens on. I was in A company in 1-17th Infantry Regiment 2nd platoon 3rd squad Ssgt. Plesasa was my squad leader. I was point man for 80% of the raids. Your music has inspired me too be better than when WE came back!! Everything you went through, I went through except I haven’t had the ability to put it in music like you. Now that I have almost finished my degree in psychology, I would like to work with you or people like us. I want to help others who are coming back from this traumatic and unnecessary experience. You contact me at 803-420-1807 or Thank-you for inspiring me and others with your music. Keep doing what you doing.

  2. Leo,

    I can’t find the lyrics to Change Your Name online. I guess I should know them since I’ve listened to the song more than 100 times (no joke).

    I also really liked a song that had the lyric “they train you for combat, but they never train you to come back.”

    Is there a way to contact you that is not through the comments on your site or through Facebook?

    Thansk for your music.

  3. Hello from Greece
    Dear Leo. My name is Kostas Pliakos I am a journalist and independent documentarist. Recently i shoot a documentary in LIbya and there was a young guy who sings rap. One of his songs has the same loop with your song “Friendly Fire” you can hear it here It is the 6th song. In Libya nobody cares about copyright. But I do care. I want to use the libyan song in my documentary and I come to ask you wether this loop is yours and if I have the permission to use it. If not do you have any idea where can i Find it and buy the credits????.
    I mean from which website did you take it and how can i find it.
    Thank you very much in advance for your help

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