Black Americans Released Under ‘First Step Act’ Praise POTUS: ‘Let’s​ Continue to Make America Great Again’

On Monday night at the White House President Donald Trump celebrated the passage of the First Step Act and of course in usual fashion it was ignored by the media. Is it a coincidence or does just happen that anytime there are Black people at the White House, the main stream media tends to not cover the event?

Needless to say, President Trump designated April as the First Step Act Month. The program includes cutting prison sentences for thousands of federal inmates. During the ceremony Trump noted that Americans with criminal backgrounds are unemployed at rates up to five times the national average.

The President scored a win over his predecessor, Barack Obama, in reducing long mandatory minimum sentences and other guidelines that for decades have been seen as discriminatory treatment of Americans of color, such as punishing crack cocaine violations with imprisonment 18 times longer than for powder cocaine.

President Trump invited some ex-prisoners those who have been newly released due to the first step act to say a few words. Gregory Allen, who of course stole the show in conservative circles said “Two months ago, I was in a prison cell and now I’m in the White House. Let’s continue to make America great again!”

The President has over and over again painted the media with the brush of Fake News and an Enemy of the People. Yet with their constant silence on his accomplishments and events like this, you have to start giving some serious consideration to his claims.

What are your thoughts?

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