Black Americans Reparations for Slavery through Land In Africa #ADOS

The solution I am proposing for “Reparations” #ADOS is for the United States Government to allocate one acre of land for each descendant of slavery in Africa, in order to qualify for this “Reparation” you would have to renounce your American Citizenship.

This would cost the U.S. Tax Payer NOTHING, because the United States already owns millions of acres of land in Africa. The United States under Abraham Lincoln, created the country of Liberia and today has many interests in Africa.

So the land would be in Africa, this would be a last and final offer, 2 years to accept it or not. All other Reparations in my opinion have already been paid. Black Americans today in America have the same opportunities as all other Americans. If you want something more, it should be to built yourself, this proposal of mine, gives you the opportunity to do so.

Who’s taking the deal?

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