Black business ownership increased 400 percent this year

A new survey conducted by small business financing firm Guidant Financial revealed Black business ownership increased 400 percent this year. These number of black business owners originates from a 2017 client email survey conducted by this private company and focused on small businesses.

Among African American business owners who responded, over half (57%) said their businesses were profitable yet challenges as a black-owned business remained.

Sixty-two percent of African Americans said their desire to pursue their passion motivated them to start a business. Another 53% said they were ready to be their own boss.

Meanwhile, 30% said they launched a startup when the “opportunity presented itself” and 22% said they were dissatisfied with working in corporate America. Twelve percent said they launched a business after being laid off or outsourced.

Other takeaways of the African American small business owners surveyed, 62% identified as men and 38% as women. Most fell between the ages of 40 to 49 with 28%, while 25% were between 50 and 59 years old, and 22% are 30 to 39. The research also showed that the highest volume of African American entrepreneurs live in Texas, followed by Georgia, California, Florida, and North Carolina.

Many liberal news outlets have refuted this claim, Facebook even flagged this survey as fake news. However, we know that Facebook is almost 90% ran by liberals, so fake news to them, is almost anything that makes the Conservatives or the Republican Party look good.

Black people are definitely feeling more optimistic in this Trump economy, recent Rasmussen Reports poll, showed African American support for President Trump at 36 percent.

Isn’t it a good thing, that Black Businesses are on the rise?

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