Black Democrats are the Uncle Tom’s!

A phrase you hear thrown around about any Black person who “Leaves The Democrat Plantation” is Uncle Tom. Imagine that, just for leaving a political party you are automatically labeled an enemy to your own people. Nonetheless, who are the real Uncle Tom’s? The phrase today is meant to be a demeaning term to those who would turn their backs on their own people for profit (Black Democrat Politicians, many Black Entertainers), a term for those who profit off the destruction of their people (Black Drug Dealers, Pimps & Many rappers) a term for those who literally kill their own people (Black Gang Members & Black supporters of Planned Parenthood (19 Million Black Babies killed). However, though Black Democrats fit the description, somehow they have painted anyone who leaves the Democrat Party as an Uncle Tom. I have explained in full detail what an “Uncle Tom” today is and how those features mostly apply to them and not us. Uncle Tom – Written by Leo Dunson, available now at all stores to include:

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