Black Panther (Movie Review) – #WakandaForever

Wow, Marvel surprised the hell out of me! Two Alpha Black Male lead role actors on the biggest stage, at the same time. This is literally unheard of, this is the first time in not only American History, but I think we can safely say “Moviegoer History” that anyone has ever seen such a thing as this. I’m talking neither Black male was a comedian, nor feminine, nor wore a dress, just straight dominant Black Men, on the biggest stage.

My entire life I grew up watching Batman, James Bond, Mission Impossible, Captain America, Superman, Iron Man, Bruce Willis, Nicolas Cage, Mark Walberg, Sylvester Stallone, Jean Claude Van Damme, Spider-man, The Incredibles, Thor, X-Men, Doctor Strange, Arrow, Flash, should I keep going? The list literally can go on and on, without ever naming a lead role Dominant Black Male. Now obviously someone reading this will point to the one dominant black male lead actor role movies they’ve watched, but I challenge you to hold that movie you are thinking about to the scale of “Batman or Superman.” What I’m trying to show you is that, if I as a Black Man or Black Boy wanted to envision myself as heroic or courageous I had to imagine, that I was one of the people that I just named who does not look like me.

Nevertheless Black Panther has changed that trend forever. There is so much symbolism in this movie! Let’s start with Black Industry, most people have never seen Black Industry, I’m talking major companies and corporations owned, operated and ran by black people. Look at Apple, Ford, or Amazon, owned, operated, and ran by majority White People. Yea some blacks work there, but by enlarge it is predominantly white. Oh an by the way, I don’t have a problem with that, not one bit. Though, Black Panther gives us an alternative to our reality. Wakanda is a city where the majority is Black, businesses are black, the military is Black, the Generals are Black, Secretary of Defense, Secretary of State are Black, School Teachers, Lawyers, Doctors, Engineers,  Scientist all Black, the Police Officers are all Black, the Governors, Congress, Gas Station attendant, Casino owners, Bank Owners, Public Trading Companies, Private Trading Companies, Kings & Queens all Black.

There’s so much symbolism in this movie, it honestly made me think that Marvel was trying to wake us up? In spite of that, after seeing the movie my date had to rush off to see a comedy show hosted by “Tiffany Haddish.” Though she previously bought the tickets, (which after seeing, what I just witnessed, I would of cancelled mine) I just couldn’t understand how someone could be so woke and asleep at the same time. How could you observe Black Independence, Black Industries, strong Black families, Black Kings & Queens, then go out immediately, to an event that could possibly steal away the very thoughts and hopes of a greater tomorrow that you just discovered.

Notwithstanding, I think my date whether she knows it or not, will be changed forever, I think we will all be changed forever, even non-Black moviegoers. Most of us have never seen a Black Man as powerful, as a leader, with Honor, integrity, and/or Heroic. Most of us have never seen Black Families as whole, (seeming as though 70% of our households are fatherless) and many of us have never viewed Black Love, Black Unity or a Black Civility.

This may go down as the greatest Black Movie of all time. The movie is surrounded around what I believe is the Battle to come. The battle between our lawyers, doctors, teachers, scientist, intellectuals, working class verses our thugs, gang members, pimps, hoes, strippers and criminals. This battle has been brewing between different factions of ideas in the Black Community for a long time. An as of today the gang members, drug users, hoes, pimps, strippers, and criminals have won, they have killed the King and taken over control of our communities & cultures. Be that as it may, there is a new day coming, a day where we come from out of the shadows and take back our neighborhoods. Some will lay down their arms, but many will refuse to give up power and fight till the death. Yet this story is already written and after we have won the battle “between ourselves,” if we would but share the resources we have with our brothers and sisters we would be an oppressed people no more.

Wakanda Forever

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