Did The Republican Lead FCC Drop the Ball on Net Neutrality

People are always asking me “Leo is there something that Republicans have done that you disagree with?” My answer is always the same neither party is perfect, but based on history and many of today’s current political hot topics, the Republicans have been more right than the Democrats. However in this case of Net Neutrality they got it wrong, it should be noted that the FCC is a independent agency of the United States government.

The controversy around Net Neutrality comes down to some very basic, simple principles. Should carriers such as AT&T, Comcast and others be able to charge more for “more” internet access, should carries be allowed to block certain websites and/or force paid access to those sites.

The argument for a Neutral Net, is that the internet should be considered a public utility like electricity and water. In my humble opinion this entire idea appears to be “Big Corporations” looking to make another dime off the American people. Governor Murphy of New Jersey mentioned in a recent article “As a large consumer of Internet service, the state may be able to pressure ISPs into granting New Jersey residents the same equal-access protections afforded to the government.”

Governor Murphy along with many other Governors have recently signed Executive Orders forcing Internet Service Providers doing business in their states to grant equal access to the internet across all lines.

I think we have yet to hear the end of this story, honestly many people on the right and on the left currently seem uninterested in this news. Yet imagine an election, where liberal Facebook owners and liberal AT&T ISPs collude together to lets say suppress conservative news media outlets and information or imagine a day where right wing Comcast ISP board votes to suppress left wing websites or block access to liberal news media information. I know for many of you the days I speak of are so far off but for those of us who watched the last election closely we are aware that these days are already upon us.

What do you think? Net Neutrality or Free Market Business or somewhere in between?

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