Black Social Justice Warriors Are Making It Hard For Us To Progress #EveryFightIsNotOurFight

Every fight is not our fight. For some reason the Black Left, continues to drag us into every controversy, every issue, however, after marching and fighting for everyone else’s problems, we return home to the ghetto. We return home to drink lead water, we return home to crime and chaos.

I for one think it’s time to stop being social justice warriors and to start being warriors for entrepreneurship, for personal accountability, for freedom, liberty and prosperity in our neighborhoods.

In this video below, that’s all that I espouse. Sean Combs once said “Where are the policies, the stimulus packages, the legislation for our people, our kids have dreams too.”

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The liberals will stop at nothing to eliminate Black Conservatives. We are literally endangered species in America, the last thing the Democrats want is for Black Americans to be able to have a choice politically and to view conservatism as an option. That’s exactly what I present, an option and with your help, by you pledging to be a patreon and come alongside of me, I will continue to be that option.

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