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Today, there are  many different kinds of coping mechanisms for PTSD. MMA for PTSD, Service Dogs for PTSD, Marijuana for PTSD, Massage Therapy for PTSD, and so many more. Yet I’ve never heard of a method to be cured of PTSD. Do we agree that PTSD is a disorder, a disease  and/or a severe  infirmity? If it is a disease, one begs to question, can it be cured? Can we be healed from PTSD? You’ve tried service dogs and you’re still lonely. You’ve tried traditional therapy and you’re still angry. You’ve tried several coping mechanisms and not a trace of PTSD has left your body. I challenge you to follow the steps in this book along with being open to allowing God to seep into your heart and heal you of your pain, your hurt, your depression, your anger, your anxiety, your PTSD.

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