Inside The Trump White House Black History Month Celebration

This was such an amazing event. Per usual there was a 100% complete media Black Out on the event, you will almost find no footage from this historic occasion except at the video above.

As we made it through the White House security, then inside the East Wing, we were greeted by many Military personnel and secret service agents, who honestly looked genuinely happy to have has at the White House. By my estimate it was hundreds of Black Americans in attendance to dine, eat and drink all hosted by America’s most polarized President Donald Trump.

This was my second time at the White House, each time I have been there, it has been nothing be breath taking. Both of the events, I have attended have some how conveniently been ignored by the main stream news media. There’s a narrative that they continue to push and that is that of the President being a racist.

After dining, drinks and meeting with several top Black Conservatives around the country, we were all ushered into a room inside the White House to listen to the President give an amazing speech. He brought out Clarence Henderson a civil rights icon and someone who stole the show, the first person released from custody under the First Step Criminal Justice act.

Gosh it was all so incredible.

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