I’m sure he’ll never admit it these days but if you guys don’t recall Kanye West doesn’t like Obama. Remember when Kanye cane out against Obama? The song “No One Man Should Have All That Power” is Kanye taking a jab at the President.

Kanye was upset with the President as was I, after he failed to deliver on his promises. Kanye performs constantly in Chicago and is a native of the city. Contrary to what the media portray him as “He’s no crazy person.”

Now I’m a fan of the first three albums Kanye, maybe the fourth, but I understand that the man is a genius in his own lane. He observed the high crime in Chicago as he outlined in his deut album with Jay-Z. “314 Last year died in Iraq 509 died in Chicago.” This all happened under President Obama watch. This year alone over 3,000 people have been shot in Chicago with 700+ of them dead.

I did a speech on YouTube earlier this year outlining that President Obama Had Failed Black America.

Kanye Meeting with Trump is a good thing regardless of what O’Reilly says. I definitely agree with Bill on a lot of things but when it comes down to modern culture he’s out of touch. Kanye West is an icon to many young black males, would be a great asset for President-ELECT Trump to use to implement conservative principles of prosperity, hard work and entrepreneurship into Black America.

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