Pro-Lifer’s are allowed to say I’m “Pro-life” again. Under the previous administration it felt like a felony offense to say that you were “Pro-life.” People who stood up for their traditional Christian values under the past administration were persecuted. Persecuted both publicly through the media and persecuted financially as we discovered by IRS who unfairly targeted Christian groups who stood for values outside of those held by the administrations.

“Yet Life Is Winning Again” said by Vice President Mike Pence multiple times in his address given to a roaring crowd today in the Washington D.C. March For Life.

It honestly brought cheers of joy to my eyes. To see people Marching For Life. The liberals Marched the day after President Trump was sworn in for the right to terminate their pregnancies and almost a week later Christian Conservatives are on the Hill Marching for the right to Life. For the right of those unborn children to live. To God Be The Glory.

President Trump has made it clear on where he stands on Life. He scolded Hillary Clinton in the second debate on her stance on partial birth abortions. President Trump stood firm on his pro-life position an as one of his first executive orders he rolled back federal spending to NGO’s who support, promote or perform abortion services.