Live Q&A With Leo Dunson discussing Politics & Religion!

I am concerned because we don’t talk to one another anymore, not just to those that are of a difference race than us, but to those who are of a different “thought” than us. I am concerned that these days we only Preach to the choir.

The attack on independent thought is more prevalent today than it has ever been. Everyone heard what Maxine Waters said during her news conference, inciting folks to refuse service not only to Trump Supporters, but to those who share his thought:

To those who share his thoughts of cutting taxes on the rich and poor
To those who share his thoughts of pro-life saving babies instead of killing them
To those who share his thoughts of fair trade, but free trade
To those who share his thoughts on you having the right to build a fence, a wall or a barrier around your own home to property, you have the right to protect yourself and your assets from unwarranted intrusion.

Max wants you to harass anyone with these thoughts, stop them from speaking in the public square, not allow them to enter their gathering, call their advertisers to shut down their money.

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