Freed From Mental Slavery – Music Album

Leo Dunson

  • Release 2018
  • Genre Political Hip Hop

Do you know the scrutiny faced by Black Conservatives in America? It’s a divide one could compare to the Sunnis and Shiite’s in Iraq. Literally Black Americans disown themselves from anyone who classifies themselves as anything other than Liberal Democrat. Think of it as Black American, if you believe that the Government should be Limited (Less Regulation), if you believe that Abortions are immoral, if you subsequently believe that you also have the right to bear arms, if you believe in keeping the government fiscally responsible (because it’s monetary transactions affect yours) and/or personal accountability you are shunned from your neighborhood, family members and friends labelled a “Coon” and an “Outsider.” Leo Dunson, attempts to paint a picture of breaking away from monolithic liberal Democrat ideals in his first Political Hip Hop music album entitled “Freed From Mental Slavery.”

The album goes in depth with the monolith voting pattern of Black America over the last 70 years. Leo Dunson calls those who continue to vote the same and seeing no results in “Mental Slavery” and those who push for us to vote the same way, knowing we will see no results the “Real Uncle Tom’s.” Leo makes it clear on this album that though he is now a Libertarian Conservative, his allegiance is to the plight of Black American progress (Which he believes can be achieved through implementing more Conservative policies into Black Neighborbhoods verses the current liberal ones)

Let’s just be honest, nothing like this has ever existed nor does it currently exist in the world. This musical album is a classic in that form along. Nonetheless, the beats are catchy, the hooks are witty and the topics are far beyond the norm of popular society. “Freed From Mental Slavery” is currently available at all online music retailers and streaming services to include ITunes, Spotify, Tidal, Google Play and others.

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