Nipsey The Great Tried to Save us

People keep saying, why is everyone posting Nipsey Hussle like he is Jesus and worshipping him. 

President Trump isn’t Jesus neither but most of us has said his name this year 10x more than we have called on the name of Jesus Christ 🙏🏿. Myself included, I think for me as a black conservative I talk about Nipsey because I could of been him, looked at by the world as just another negro, people unable to understand what it’s like to be born into poverty, born into a environment that’s run by gangs, then making it out and going back to bring others out. He created businesses in our neighborhoods, promoted family values. Everything that we Conservatives claim to be for this guy was doing it and that’s worthy to be praised.

Jesus said it this way, “For whoever does not love(praise,worship) their brother and sister, whom they have seen, cannot love(praise,worship) God, whom they have not seen.” 🙏🏿
1:John 4:20

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