Our Black Politicians & Black Leaders Have Failed Us!

70 Black People Shot by Black People In Chicago Last Weekend Media Silent. Where is the outrage?  Mainly I want to talk about accountability, however, look at the representation, the leadership of Chicago, “All Democrat.” The Mayor is a Democrat, the Councilmen, the Congressman or woman is a Democrat. They are the ones in charge of keeping the peace, and keeping the law and order, where is it.

Nevertheless, I blame the democrats for very poor leadership but I also blame us for not being accountable to ourselves. For always blaming the white man, yet never pointing the finger at ourselves. You’ve heard of black lives matter but only when the shooter is white. If the shooter is black, we pretend as if it’s just everyday life. That’s ridiculous!

Also WATCH – “Why Black American’s Should Vote Republican? (Debate)” https://youtu.be/6zYDr9a1nC0 ******

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