I couldn’t agree more. P. Diddy / Sean Combs said yesterday “President Obama has shortchanged Black America.”

Believe it or not this isn’t the first time P. Diddy has mentioned his frustrations about the Obama Administration. Last year I reported on a video he did with the radio show Hot 97 in New York where he stated that Obama has not delivered on his promises to Black America.

Many other Black Leaders have been screaming this same theme for years now making little to no impact on Black Voters. 98% of Black Americans still have a favorable view of the President despite the rampant crime and poverty we witness in our communities daily.

P. Diddy ended the interview telling Rev. Sharpton that Black Americans should hold their vote and make both parties work for it. In my opinion this is wishful thinking of Puff. The Democrats know that they have Black America by the balls and if we decide to move they will just squeeze.

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