President Trump says Baltimore is a 3rd World Country & Rodent Infested

The question that we have to ask ourselves, is that is the President lying? I can’t believe black people instead of being awaken to the problem, they focus on the messenger or on how the message was delivered. Off one small google search look what I learned about Baltimore:

The overall crime rate in Baltimore is 153% higher than the national average. The poverty rate in Baltimore is an extremely high 23.8%. In Baltimore, 63.3% of residents are black or African American.

Let’s turn to education:

In a recent front page article, The Sun reported that Baltimore school students scored near the bottom in reading and math compared to children in other cities and large urban areas on an important national assessment given in 2017. In fourth and eighth grade reading, only 13 percent of city students are considered proficient. In fourth grade math, only 14 percent were proficient, and in eighth grade math only 11 percent were proficient, putting Baltimore ahead of only Detroit and Cleveland.

According to the New York Times

In 2017, it recorded 342 murders — its highest per-capita rate ever, more than double Chicago’s, far higher than any other city of 500,000 or more residents and, astonishingly, a larger absolute number of killings than in New York, a city 14 times as populous. 

According to the baltimore sun, more than half of Baltimore’s 309 homicide victims in 2018 were shot in the head, according to the police department’s annual homicide analysis released Wednesday. There were 175 victims with fatal head wounds last year, which accounted for 57 percent of all homicides.

Folks and this is just the tip of the iceberg, to call it a 3rd world country is a compliment, it is an all out war zone and a desert forgotten place. The people need help, our black Democrat Politicians have continued to fail us, the district is represented by Elijah Cummings. I would literally wake up everyday and be ashamed of myself if the people I represented lived in these sorts of conditions.

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