President Trump sends Kanye West a “Make America Great Again” Hat

One of the greatest Musician’s and producers in modern time, Kanye West, appears to have a special relationship with the President of the United States. I don’t know if you guys remember, but Kanye was one of the first Black celebrities to publicly endorse the President. He was, however, dragged all over the liberal news media for it. Then conveniently right after his endorsement all these mysterious allegations leaked, about his depression, about him being admitted to mental health facilities and then Kanye disappeared.

Well he’s back, and still showing his support for the President more than ever. President Trump sent Mr. West a signed limited edition “Make America Great Again,” Hat:

The liberals are going crazy, they are in damage control mode. They are trying to bring up anything to discredit Kanye. The last thing they want is for Black America to start looking at the Republican Party as an alternative. You should see Twitter right now, Instagram right now, all of the feeds going crazy, the Liberals literally are loosing there minds.

Mr. West resurfaced with a tweet about known black female conservative activist Candace Owens. Kanye tweeted about how he admired her thinking. If you’ve ever listened to anything Kanye West, one thing you know about him is that he is always out of the box, he doesn’t want to think nor act like the masses and he wants to push the culture forward.

That’s why none of this surprise me, anyone who actually took a look at the economy, a look at the actual policies the President has advocated for and implemented, they would see positive results. The mob Kanye is speaking about is the Main Stream News media along with the slaves still on the “Thought Plantation” in Black America. Like honestly, why are you still voting Democrat? Why do you support the Democrat Party? Name one piece of legislation advocated for solely by the Democrat Party, passed and implemented by the Democrat Party that has benefited Black America?

Who know’s if the 2024 rumors are true about Kanye West run for President, however he single handily made it ok, today in America, to be a Black Conservative Trump Supporter and I’m loving every minute of it.

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