You honestly can’t make this stuff up. The hypocrisy of the liberal left is getting out of control. Now we have federal judges playing partisan politics by issuing a stay on a lawful order President Trump signed to banned refugees and immigrants from 7 Muslim-Majority nations in the Middle East and North Africa. Many have begun to question whether or not the president has the legal authority to issue such a ban. Fortunately, one need look no further than Trump’s predecessors to find precedent for this executive action.

According to a new Congressional Research Service report entitled Executive Authority to Exclude Aliens, the last 5 presidents have used executive authority to limit or restrict the entry of immigrants and non-immigrants into the U.S. a total of 43 times.

Ironically, it appears that President Barack Obama used this authority more frequently than any of his predecessors, exercising it a total of 19 times during his two terms in office.

Here’s the breakdown of how many times each of the past five presidents issued such orders:

Ronald Reagan – Five times
George H. W Bush – One time
Bill Clinton – 12 times
George W. Bush – Six times
Barack Obama – 19 times
In a tweet on Sunday, Trump reiterated his belief that the courts were putting Americans in jeopardy by calling a halt to the ban:

Read the full Congressional Research Service report HERE.