Sell Out Bernie Sanders says he will Vote for Hillary Clinton in November.

I wonder how much does convictions cost? I wonder how much politicians sell their principles and hardcore beliefs for?

Was it not Bernie Sanders who told us that Hillary Clinton is a corrupt politician? Was it not Bernie Sanders who told us that Mrs. Clinton is unqualified to be President of the United States? How does then less than 30 days after speaking these words he turns a complete 180 into the other direction.

As a guest on the Morning Joe Television Show Bernie Sanders proclaimed that he would vote for Hillary Clinton in November. What an astonishing change of events? I guess it doesn’t matter if she ever releases her Wall-street speeches. I guess it doesn’t matter if she was for, but now against the Trans Pacific Partnership. An Bernie Sanders famously proclaimed I guess it doesn’t matter about those “DAMN EMAILS” after all.

Or maybe it does? Ironically after whaling against the DNC Bernie Sanders recently sat down with the party leaders. It was after that sit down where Bernie Sanders decided to “Tow the line” and sell out his principles.

I wonder, what did they offer him? Was it a seat at next year’s White House Correspondence dinner? As we all observed “Bernie fit right in” at the previous occasion, one could barely tell he was there. Or did they offer him a seat at the establishment table? The same table that he has thrown under the bus, for the last 9 months as corrupt, dishonest and that is undemocratic.

I’m honestly stunned by this decision. Mostly because for the last 25 years now. Bernie Sanders has claimed to stand for the working class people of America against all odds. For the life of me at 76 years old, why tarnish your legacy now.

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