Should MSNBC Lose Their Facebook Page For Russiagate Conspiracy Fake News?

I can’t even name how many Conservatives have lost their Facebook pages for a lot less. Facebook supposedly will delete anyone who peddles conspiracy theories as facts. For the last 2 years MSNBC along with CNN to be fair, have been selling from door to door this conspiracy theory that the President of the United States was a Russian spy.

This Fake News story has cost unmeasurable lost. Imagine the public confidence lost, in our intelligence agencies altogether over this investigation, imagine the Americans who have given up completely on our democracy over these made up allegations that have been presented as gospel. Wouldn’t this classify as a “High Crime” in the Conspiracy world?

Over and over again, President Trump have painted the Main Stream media with the brush of being “Fake News” & a “Enemy of the People” there is no doubt, this is just one of many stories that proves him to be correct.

One has to agree with the President. Are we living in Nazi Germany? Through everything over the past two years, I have learned that I am more of a Libertarian than just a conservative. I believe in Freedom and Liberty, for everyone everywhere. Jimmy Dore is a liberal progressive show I frequently watch and though he stands for many things I am completely against, he normally tries to call it down the middle when it comes to President Trump. Especially on this issue with the Fake News Media.

Check out this video:

What are your thoughts?

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