The Democrats don’t have a plan, their plan is Anti-Trump, but that’s a hard sell if you’ve been paying attention!

With the drop of the unemployment rate yesterday to 3.8%, it’s kind of hard for the Democrats to make the pitch that President Trump’s policies are not working. The Democrats have yet to present one counter plan to Trump’s policies, all you hear is Anti-Trump rhetoric.

Unfortunately, I don’t give the American people much credit, especially those on the left, in particularly those in the minority community. If you go up to a random Black man today an ask him “Hey, how is America doing right now.” He will most likely tell you “America, is in the tank, losing jobs everyday, and there’s a racist oppressing us in the White House.” When all of those points couldn’t be further from the truth.

Black unemployment has dropped to the lowest levels ever recorded at 5.9%, Hispanic unemployment even lower at 4.9%. President Trump’s tax plan has doubled the Child Tax Credit (Which will benefit all, but particularly will be a big help for minorities) and the Trump administration is currently working on rolling out the Urban revitalization Plan aimed at strategically planting more job opportunities in Urban areas.

So, what is the Democrats Plan? They are banking on the ignorance of the left. They are banking on the media black out of all of President Trump’s accomplishments and hoping that fear of the so-called “racist” drives Democrats to the polls in waves.

It is really despicable, that this is what our country has come down too. Isn’t 3 million jobs added since President Trump took office, good for everyone? ISIS has been decimated under this President, isn’t that good for everyone? Mass Tax Cuts for EVERYONE, and talks with North Korea that could lead to the denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula, isn’t that good for everyone?

I guess we can only pray that the American people vote this November with their eyes and not with their ears.

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