In this video below I break down the real reason why Snoop Dogg Hates President Trump.

Is it safe to say that Snoop Dogg does not like President Trump. In a recent music video by Snoop Doog entitled Lavender. Snoop portrays himself shooting President Trump. In my opinion this is treason. If anyone had done the same type of video to then President Obama there would have been an outrage.

It’s blatant double standards like this that burn me up. Primarily because black people are always talking about how we are treated differently then white people. Ya’ll remember the whole “While Privilege” controversy yet in this instance it appears as though there’s some “Black Privilege” on display here. I say that because if a White man had done the same type of video about the President Obama wow, it would of been a national outcry and he would be in jail right now. That’s forsure.