The Republican Party Mostly Supported Civil Rights Not the Democrats

Figured I’d start my own little series of fact checking, in the era where many create their own facts. I’ve made the case on several occasions that the Democrat Party is and has always been actively against the minorities in America, an in particularly Black America. Ironic that when you make these sorts of claims, backed up by facts, today it’s considered a conspiracy. However in the same breath with almost no facts one could publicly say the “Republican Party” is racist, and not back up the claim with one fact, yet allow the charge to be held as true.

This is not an article phasing the Republican Party, but better yet just to give actual historical context on Who Voted For Civil Rights. So let’s break it down! In 1964 the Democrats controlled both the House and the Senate along with a Democrat President. What is shocking is there was a debate, wait if the Democrats were so for the Black man, why was there any debate, why wouldn’t these Civil Rights Activist Democrats just pass the legislation through both houses?

It’s simple, the Democrats didn’t want the Civil Rights Act, in fact they had to be bargained into voting for the bill and if you notice in the break down above, almost as many Democrat Senators voted against the bill as Republican Senators who voted for the bill. An unfortunately almost the same trend remains true with the House of Representatives.

Yes, your eyes are not deceiving you 91 Democrat members of the House voted against the Civil Rights Act of 1964. Making that a Grand total of 112 Democrat Members of Congress voting against the bill, compared with only 41 total Republican Members of the of Congress voting against.

The unfortunate part is all the liberal left leaning person who read this will ignore the facts, because their history books (also written by liberals) has frame the narrative as the Democrats being the champion of the Black Man and Civil Rights. When in Reality that was far from the truth.

Comment Below to give you thoughts on the way each party voted for the 1964 Civil Rights Act. Furthermore, does knowing how each party voted determine which party was more for Civil Rights for Black America?

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