Tucker Carlson interviews Baltimore City Councilman

Tucker Carlson interviewed City Councilman Robert Stokes of Baltimore on the current conditions of the city. However, for some strange reason every time Tucker asked the councilman specific questions regarding the 2.3 Billion dollars given to the city, the councilman reverted to bring up 400 years of structural racism.

Now you know me, I am not one to sweep racism nor 400 years of the atrocities done to Black Americans under the bus. Nonetheless, we are talking about a specific incident of a specific point of time, of which the councilman and many of black leader resided over this money.

We have a serious corruption problem in Black America, at the highest levels of our government and it’s shameful that in 2019, our black leaders will not have some integrity to do what’s right for the people they were put in office to represent.

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