As we enter day 6 of these pointless protests. I find myself asking do these people have jobs? Kids? Responsibilities?And what are they protesting? The free and fair democratically held election that just occurred? The electoral College? Which was designed to ensure that every state receives fair representation in proportion to electing the President. Versus a popular vote system which would in turn place the country at the mercy of a few states such as California and New York.

Do you want to know what they are really protesting? Traditionalism. A strong man who’s the head of the house, not a man being pushed around by his wife (Feminism). A strong traditional family, A Mother and a Father, educated and well behaved children. Hard work actually paying off. America hasn’t seen a traditional family in decades.

America for the last 8 years under Obama and also the 8 years under Bush & Clinton went away from traditional American Values. Law & Order, Hard Work, Pride For Your Country. You do not have the right to burn down buildings and throw temper tantrums just because you didn’t get your way. You are not owed anything in this world. If you want something you have to go and get it.

Hillary Clinton, for this generation, should of been crowned President, not because she earned it, but because it was owed to her. In the eyes of this generation she “Deserved it.” Yet in the eyes of traditional American Values, as Donald Trump has mentioned before, “To the Victor Goes The Spoils.” This is an every child gets a trophy generation. Common Core has steered our children, and young adults in college, astray.

The last 24 years reminds me of your parents leaving you home alone for a month. You party like crazy, don’t pay any bills, you run up the credit cards, tear the house apart, sit around doing nothing all day, you don’t do any chores, you do whatever you want, love whoever you want, invite anyone inside of the house (Without properly vetting them), smoking weed is legal, everything is legal. Donald Trump’s election to the presidency last Tuesday hit America as their parents returning home. Things will no longer be done your way. Law & Order will be restored. And guess what Daddy’s Home so it’s time to Clean House.

Check out this Saturday Night Live skit below with Dave Chappelle & Chris Rock roasting liberals on Election Night