Why Are Many Black Conservatives Dating White Americans

Honestly, I don’t care who someone dates. However, it is notable that Many Black Conservatives are dating White Americans. This is not a new trend, this goes all the way back to Frederick Douglass once his wife died until now. There were even rumors that the late great MLK had interracial affairs. Yet even today I’d make the estimate that at least 7 out of 10 black conservatives are dating white Americans. So why is this? You almost can’t point to another group in the world that has that high of a ratio of interracial dating.

Nonetheless, isn’t it hypocritical of us as “Single” Black Conservatives to tell Black America that the number one problem in our communities causing the crime, the poverty and the mass incarceration is the separation of Black families. Then in that same breath, I go out as a “Single” Black Conservative and marry outside of my race? Further contributing to the problem that I claim to be advocating against.

What are your thoughts?

Essentially by me not marrying a black woman continuing to separate our families, furthering the cycles of poverty, crime and mass incarceration mentioned above that I’m advocating against?

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