Why Hillary Clinton Chose Tim Kaine As Her VP Over Bernie Sanders  #Election2016

Why not Bernie Sanders? It would appear as though Bernie Sanders would have been the perfect pick for Hillary. He’s a white male (presumably helping her with the rust belt vote) and he’s a known progressive with his own base (presumably helping her with younger voters and the grassroots wing of her party). So why not Bernie Sanders?

This choice has a lot of people snatching their head. She claims that Tim Kaine is well known in the “region,” but Bernie Sanders is well known nationally. She claims that she needs a white male to help her defeat Trump in the industrialized parts of the country, but those are the same states among which Sanders did best in. So why not Bernie Sanders?

Seems to me like picking Bernie Sanders would of killed two birds with one stone. Finally satisfying the extreme left wing of the party and also going after a key demographic for this upcoming election. Hillary Clinton picking Tim Kaine as her VP is a Slap In The Face To “Progressives.”

The truth is Hillary Clinton is from the old guard of the Democrat Party. She saw an opportunity to crush this “Progressive or far left” insurrection and she took it. Hillary and the establishment never had any plans on integrating Bernie Sanders or his ideas into the platform. All they wanted was to deter him from running as a third party candidate.

Now that they (The Democrat Establishment) have tamed Bernie Sanders. This far left Progressive movement doesn’t have a leg left to stand on. Hillary is intending on winning the Presidency 8 years then passing it down to another Democrat establishment candidate Tim Kaine.

So why not Bernie Sanders? Truthfully because he’s against the TPP, he’s for school choice (A republican idea), he’s anti-war, he’s pro-second amendment (another republican stance) and he’s anti establishment politics. I can only think of one person running for President of the United States who has those same ideals “Donald Trump.”

Hillary by not picking Bernie Sanders, in my opinion missed a big opportunity to unite the Democrat Party. All this further strengthens an analysis I made in the primary season that Bernie Sanders Supporters Should Switch Over And Vote For Trump.

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