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Why I’m voting for Donald Trump?
Why do I believe that Donald J Trump is the best choice for President in 2016.

He’s Not a Politician – Politicians have single handily themselves destroyed America, every election year it’s the same promises, same speeches from both republicans and democrats. They promise everything and then get to Washington and only please their special interest donors.

Self-Funding – It’s a big deal that Donald Trump is self-funding his campaign. Seeming as though he is not taking any special interest money, he’s not accountable to them, he’s only accountable to us the people that will vote him into office.

Healthcare – this is something I forgot to mention in the video, we need to repeal and replace Obamacare. Why? President Obama in order to cut a deal, had to cave to the insurance companies allowing no competition between state lines. Which is why the premiums are so damn high? One of the first things Mr. Trump talks about is that he will get rid of the imaginary lines drawn by the insurance companies that do not allow bidding and competition in the insurance market. This will immediately lower the premiums of insurance plans once more Insurers enter the market. For the most part Donald Trump says he wants to repeal and replace Obamacare with something better, oh and he says that he will leave Medicare alone, no republican has ever ran for office saying that, but he has said “Medicare will stay as put, only made stronger if need be.”

Illegal Immigration – It is illegal correct? I forgot to mention in the video the trade deficit we have with Mexico which is how Mr. Trump will negotiate to the Mexican government for the to pay for the wall. Fair trade seeming as though he wall will only cost 11 billion dollars and we (The United States of America) have a trade deficit with Mexico of 50 Billion dollars, they will still come out 39 Billion dollars ahead on this deal.

Economy – Trump wants to rebuild our crumbling infrastructure both democrats and republicans have agreed on this. Trump talks about the trade deals that have ship America jobs overseas. Ford is building a plant in Mexico because they can pay them less, it’s true that Nabisco is moving its plant to Mexico because they can pay them less, American companies have shipped good paying American jobs to numerous countries around the world all to pay less. I agree with Mr. Trump on putting a tariff or a tax on those companies’ products coming back into America. All of America’s trade deals need to be renegotiated and who better to do so than a Master Negotiator like Donald Trump.

Taxes – I already mention above in the video
Military – I mentioned above in the video

Terrorism – Radical Islamic Terrorism is an obvious problem, this is something that needs to be addressed not only by America but also with our allies in the Middle East, in Europe and in Africa. Something has to be done, and until something is done Mr. Trump rightly stated that we must place a temporary ban on Muslims entering the United States. Of course it’s not all Muslims committing these crimes but we have to put in place as Mr. Trump says a better verification system to ensure that those entering America mean us no harm.

Education – Common Core has literally hurt so many American children, Trump wants to get rid of Common Core. Which also has in particularly really hurt African American children.

I address every other reason I am voting for Donald Trump in the video above. Let’s Make America Great Again.

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