National African American History Month is an occasion to rediscover the enduring stories of African Americans and the gifts of freedom, purpose, and opportunity they have bestowed on future generations.  It is also a time to commemorate the countless contributions of African Americans, many of whom lived through and surmounted the scourge of segregation, racial prejudice, and discrimination to enrich every fiber of American life.  Their examples of heroism, patriotism, and enterprise have given people of all backgrounds confidence, courage, and faith to pursue their own dreams. “All that I do in Politics, I do it, because I consider it to be apart of myRead More →

Black conservatives spent Wednesday on Capitol Hill lobbying lawmakers to support the First Step Act, legislation that, according to its supporters, would change federal law to focus less on punishment and more on rehabilitation for prisoners who were given harsh sentences based on mandates likes the “three strikes” law. via BreitBart News read full article at Several Black Republican Activist had the privilege of debating, really all of our “Political Hero” Senator Ted Cruz. Thank you Ted for your time. The Senator did decide to Vote Yes on this bill. Most all of us are huge supporters of his.Read More →

I had the pleasure of sitting down with Dan Bongino of NRA TV. We discussed the harsh reality of being a Black Conservative in America today. Dan also informed me something that I was completely unaware of and that is that he is not Black American. He said he is mistaken for Black all of the time. We laughed and had a great discussion about this along with other important political hot topics. Listen to the latest Music Albums by Leo Dunson at: Read the latest Books by Leo Dunson at: More →

Black People Do Not Have To Be Democrats. Isn’t it a shame, that after 400 years in America Black Americans are tied to only thinking and voting for one set of ideals? Wasn’t the whole notion behind Civil Rights and Equal Rights, the right to freely choose? This has to end, I pray it ends sooner than later. Our loyalty to this party has literally been are ultimate downfall in America.Read More →