Bernie Sanders retracts his endorsement of Cenk Uygur of the Young Turks

Cenk Uygur of the Young Turks is running for congress. I don’t not agree with any of his policies and none of his positions. However, I found it odd that Bernie Sanders would retract his endorsement of Cenk especially since I only ever heard of Bernie Sanders main positions on the Young Turks.

This is why I could never vote for Bernie. He has no spine, I used to think he was this super principled man, that could not be moved by political partisanship because he was an independent. Yet out of nowhere in 2016, he decided to let go of his so called “convictions” to endorse Hillary Clinton, a candidate that not only he 100% disagrees with, but a candidate that literally cheated him out of the nomination.

I respect those that are loyal to those that are loyal to them. President Trump even in the face of public opinion and scrutiny, didn’t turn his back on Corey Lewindowiski, Trump even in the face of public backlash has not turned his back on Steve Bannon. Thank shows backbone to me, it shows me that if you promise me a five point plan to fix America, that once you get and office and public opinion sways against it, you will not retract or cow tow to the court of twitter.

I will not lose any sleep over him retracting his endorsement I just think it says a lot of about his personally for political gain.

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