Black Conservatives denounce Candace Owens recent comments

The term Bed Wrench defines by goggle states typically, a term applied to females of #African descent who give herself to white men of high status in exchange for privileges, and promotions, at the expense of turning her back on the people in her community. The term originated from female ‘house slaves’ back during #Americanslavery.

When I met Candace she pretended to be a revolutionary for the betterment of #BlackPeople and I must admit I was skeptical but decided to give her a chance. Yet recently, and honestly over the pass year or so, she has proven to be nothing more than everyone expected an opportunist like #AlSharpton, like all the #BlackLiberals Activist, just on the Republican side of the isle. Don’t want any true change for #BlackAmerica just in it to profit off our pain like everyone else. Yet, God has told me that even #Judas plays a part in the salvation of our people and of the world.

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