Black People Can’t Be Killed by the Coronavirus Part 2 (The Agenda)

There’s a larger agenda at play here, and I will lay it out plainly for you. #RaceWar . Black People, particularly Black Americans are not dying at a higher rate from the Coronavirus than others. However, this will be the narrative pushed in order to bring vaccinations to our communities. 

Unfortunately many American citizens will be complicit in the government declaring martial law on us, because they will believe the media narrative that the virus is spreading more to us than anyone else, and in order to stop it we need to get vaccinated.

This eventually leads to a race war, because Black people will not just lay down, it will be a fight, then eventually many White Americans. It was prophesied years ago that President Trump would preside over a race war in America and it looks like that prophecy is coming to pass. Just think about all the propaganda that you have seen regarding President Trump being a “Racist.” It had to be all for something, this is what they were leading up to. Creating a race war, which will lead to a Civil War. 

No great nation can be destroyed, unless it first destroys itself from within. While we are fighting each other, another nation comes as the saviors to stop the fighting and institutes a “New World Order.”

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