Black People Can’t Die from the Coronavirus (Here is the proof)

Recently, President Trump advised that his administration would be experimenting with two malaria drugs as treatment from the coronavirus. Malaria is a disease that is fended off by sickle-cell carriers. Sickle-cell disease although it can be prevalent in other ethnic groups, it is mainly contracted by African descent peoples.

Now if the drug that fends off malaria is being shopped around as the drug that can possibly fend off the coronavirus. The malaria drug comes from the DNA of those who are immune to it, which is mostly African peoples descent.

So, I made a pretty bold statement recently that Black People Can Not Be Killed by the Coronavirus. I took a lot of heat, frankly I thought those who follow me would understand that by now, my information does not come from me, but from the Lord.

Nonetheless, seeming as though the world wants a worldly definition. I decided to use the scientists of this world in this video in order to prove what I am already aware of, and what all the top people in the world already know and that is that Black People are the cure to the coronavirus.

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