Black People it’s Time for us to Leave America

When I first made this statement many weeks ago. Believe it or not, most of the White American’s pleaded with me to stay, they gave me some kind of speech about honoring the sacrifice of those who came before me. Just a few weeks later, there is massive riots, and chaos in the streets. Now their sentiment has changed. Many of them are now saying, what I thought they would say from the beginning and that’s “Leave now,” “We will pack your bags.”

I completely understand how politics work, I have a degree in political science and thanks to God, I have been on both sides of the aisles. Democrat and Republican, politics is moved by public opinion. The law makers of this country can do nothing with out public opinion.

I’ve only been alive 35 years, yet Police on Black Crime has been going on for literally 100 years. If White Americans, who are the majority of the public. Wanted to see change in this area, trust me, it would change over night. Similarly to the inequalities in wealth, business ownership and access to quality higher education.

Either way, I don’t want to beat up on them. I wish them all the best. God has told me that after this next judgement to come the real House of Israel, which are the Blacks scattered across America, is living this land and heading back to our homeland.

So this message is a statement of prophecy, this message is a statement of things to come, really soon. As the bible says, the world will never be at peace until we are placed back into our land.

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