Black Unemployment Rate Falls To Lowest Ever Recorded

In the 45 years the data has been tracked, the unemployment rate for black or African-American workers aged 16 years and older has never fallen below 7 percent. The unemployment rate for black workers fell to the lowest rate on record in December. The rate fell from 7.2 percent to 6.8 percent in the month, beating the previous low of 7 percent set in April 2000. The bureau has data going back to 1972.

President Trump tweeted “African American unemployment is the lowest ever recorded in our country. The Hispanic unemployment rate dropped a full point in the last year and is close to the lowest in recorded history. Dems did nothing for you but get your vote! #NeverForget

Unfortunately there’s a lot of truth in that statement from the President. Minority voters have continued year after year to give there votes to the Democrat Party, yet under no Democrat administration has minorities ever reaped the benefits of supporting those candidates.

I will be the first to say so far, President Trump has dropped the ball on many social issues and cultural norms. Yet when it comes down to keeping his promises, strengthening the economy, brings back jobs and higher wages. The former Apprentice Star has been nothing, but money.

What are your thoughts?

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