Breaking Down the Arguments against Reparations

It’s good to be back. After taking some time off from social media and politics. This is the subject I return to, which is a good one. Reparations, should the Black Ancestors of Slaves be paid reparations?

In my opinion this is a no brainier, if a debt is owed there is always going to be tension between those involved until it is paid. The problem with reparations is that even the Americans who took so called “Black Americans” from Africa never promised to pay them anything. It was for all intensive purposes kidnap.

There is no amount of dollars that can amount to the trauma of those who were kidnapped. There is no dollar amount we can place on the legislative policies enforced after slavery coined as “Jim Crow Laws.” (Which many of these laws lasted until the 70s and 80s).

This is why I have proposed land in Africa. One arce and the renunciation of our American Citizenship. The United States Government already owns many arces of land in Africa, so giving up those arces to American Descendants of Slaves would cost the American Tax Payer nothing. This is a fair deal in my estimate. It allows the real grievances between Blacks and the American Government to be settled once and for all.

Every black person living in America today is not oppressed. Hell, I’m one of those lucky chosen few, in my latest video “Breaking Down the Arguments Against Reparations.” I call myself and others privileged “House Slaves.” The fact of the matter is this, most people with my skin color in America are yes, I’m going to say it “Oppressed.” The definition of oppression is “prolonged cruel or unjust treatment or control.”

Here are some oppressing numbers that blacks still face today in 2019 in America. You decide for yourself whether these things justify as prolonged cruel, unjust treatment or control:

  • Blacks are 5 times more likely than whites to be sentenced higher for committing the same crime as whites. (Unjust Treatment)
  • Whites have 10 times more wealth than blacks, merely the color of your skin in America can determine your wealth status (Unjust Treatment)
  • 85% of middle managers in America are White (Control)
  • We already know the color of all but a few fortune 500 hundred CEOs are white (Control)
  • Whites on Average are 4 times more likely to own a home than blacks  (Prolonged Cruel)
  • We know the disparities in business ownership (Unjust treatment, Prolonged Cruel & Control)
  • Blacks are 3 times more likely to be shot and killed by the police on average (Control & Unjust Treatment)
  • Whites 5 times more likely to get a job over a black with same resume and same skills applying for the same job (Unjust Treatment)
  • Whites when applying for grants and scholarships 3 times more likely to be awarded than blacks (Prolonged Cruel & Unjust Treatment)
  • Whites when applying for land grant permits and licenses, 4 times more likely to be approved than blacks (Control, Unjust Treatment & Prolonged Cruel)

Unfortunately everything I just mentioned is just the tip of the iceberg that most Black Americans face, these are FACTS OVER FEELINGS. However, given these facts, in my opinion a monetary reparations solves none of them. This is why I am advocating for Land in Africa.

Land in Africa gives Blacks the chance to start a new nation shaped in our image. There would be no discrimination in the criminal justice system, because we would be the prosecutors and the judges. Don’t have to worry about being shot by the police more than whites, we would be the Police, don’t have to worry about income inequalities we would create the economic environment for the new citizens of “Negroland.”

Yes, we would call it “Negroland” that term sounds ignorant to those who don’t know what it means and stands for, but that’s where so called “Black Americans” were taken from originally “Negroland” or as many scholars who know history call it the “Kingdom of Judah.”

Watch the Video & tell me what you think below. Should Blacks received reparations? Also do you like my idea of land in Africa?

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