Coincidentally these Mass Shootings seem to always Benefit the Democrat Party?

Forgive me for being skeptical, forgive me for exercising my 1st amendment right of free speech. I myself lost my father to gun violence. However, I am not blind, I haven’t been hoodwinked like most of America. I watch the news just as you do and coincidentally, of course, it appears that these Mass Shootings seem to Always Benefit the Democrat Party?

This is what they banned Alex Jones all for questioning the legitimacy of these shootings. Questioning the source from which we received the information about these attacks. Can someone tell me what credibility does the national media have? They told us that there were weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, the video tape scandal with the U.S. Embassy 2012 Benghazi attack, Hillary Clinton would win in a landslide, I can go on and on about the lies that have been told by the MainStream Media. 

Nonetheless, coincidentally of course, these Mass Shooting always seem to be politically expedient in the liberal progressive Democrats favor. Anyone questioning the legitimacy of these shooting should have the right to do so.

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