Democrats Move to Start Impeachment Inquiry on President Trump after Rep. John Lewis Speech

In a strange turn of events, Representative John Lewis made a fiery speech on the House of Representatives floor. Shortly after his speech Nancy Pelosi announcement an Impeachment Inquiry on President Trump.

The Democrats are now moving to Impeach The President. For me it’s strange to see our leaders so passionate about impeaching President Trump, yet silent about the record crime in our neighborhoods, silent about the record poverty in our communities, silent about our 50 year low home ownership rate, silent about the wealth gap, silent about our poorly run educational institutions and so much more.

Yet for some reason anything Trump they are passionate about, they claim he has been bad for America and specially they claim that he has been bad for Black America, yet as I lay out in the video Black America was in a much more horrible state under President Obama and our leaders said nothing of impeachment.

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