Does President Trump deserve any credit for his Management of this crisis?

President Trump recently brought together several of the Top Business CEO’s from around the country. Many of which have pledge to assist the United States government during this coronavirus pandemic.

In my opinion so far the President has done the best that he can. This crisis came out of no where for us all. It is an act of God. What can any man do against God? What can any man do against nature?

This is a time where we need to come together a one people. We need more partnership and less partisanship. The Presidents success is our success and the Presidents failure is also our failure. As a nation we all together should be rooting for his success.

In this time, I pray that the media can leave it’s bias and for once just report the news. Maybe this could curb some of the panic and help us together get back to living the lives we were use to before this epidemic.

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