Don’t Be Selfish

Maybe I live in a fantasy world, a world where love reign free. When I proposed to my future wife recently, I have no idea that there was a stigma of not “Proposing” at someone else’s wedding.

I had no idea that some folks find this rude. Nonetheless, though my cousin who was the Bride planned this proposal with me. I might be the only person in the whole world that believes this is a selfish way of thinking?

Why wouldn’t you want someone to propose on your day? Wouldn’t you want your love on displayed to inspire others? Shouldn’t you be grateful that someone has found the love that you have found? Or do you want your wedding day to be all about you, and not about love.

This is why Marriage is on the decline in America, Marriage has become less about love and more about the events and the ring. It is truly pathetic. I speak to this as well as much more in the video.

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