Dr. Umar Johnson says Black Americans are Foolishly Married to the Democrat Party on the Breakfast club

Are our Black Leaders finally starting to wake up? Dr. Umar Johnson gives a scathing repudiation of the Democrat Party and its destructive policies implemented in Black neighborhoods across America.

In a recent Breakfast club interview Dr. Umar does not hold back at all his criticisms of the Democrat Party. Though he does say that both parties are not for Black America, he primarily speaks very damaging words about the Democrats and rightfully so.

The Republicans do not control the cities of Chicago, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, Baltimore and Oakland, California to name a few. All these cities have high concentration of Black Americans living in them, with high poverty, high crime, high mass incarceration and low opportunities.

It is my hopes that maybe, just maybe this is the start of the breaking away completely for Black America, from the Democrat Party.

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