Forgiveness “Botham Jean brother hugs Amber Guyger after trial”

I don’t hide on any of my social media platforms, that I am a Preacher of the Word of God first. Someone actually wrote to me today, that I only believe the brother of Botham Jean should forgive Amber Guyger because she is a “White Woman.”

Since when did forgiveness have a color, have an ethnicity. The bible says forgive all your enemies, it didn’t say just the black ones, or just the white ones or browns ones, it says all your enemies. Peter asked Jesus, trying to get out of the forgiveness, how many times should I forgive. Jesus said 70 times 7.

This man Botham Jean brother, is 100% a bigger man than me and he displayed a love and forgiveness that I wish much of us in this world had the strength to display. What he displayed wasn’t weakness but power.

All Praises to the Most High God.

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