I Support President’s Trump Plan for School Choice in America

In my own personal life, I understand school choice all too well. No one wants their kids going to poorly operated school institutions. We’ve all attempted to move to different zip codes in order to ensure that our children had the best education possible and lord knows if we all could afford it we would place our kids in private or charter schools.

President Trump during the last State of the Union addressed school choice, and called on Congress to pass the Education Freedom Scholarships and Opportunity Act and give 1 million children the freedom to attend a school of their choice.

I did a little improve video with my daughter addressing the importance of school choice and my endorsement of this legislation that the President is advocating for.

  • The Administration’s school choice plan, which has more than 120 Congressional co-sponsors, would bolster existing State scholarship programs and encourage more States to pursue education freedom policies.
  • This historic investment in America’s children creates a $5 billion annual tax credit for donations to state-based, locally-controlled scholarships.
  • These scholarships will help families pay for expenses such as tuition, dual enrollment, out-of-district transportation, tutoring, and apprenticeships.
  • No parent should be forced to send their child to a failing school or one that is not a good fit.
  • The “Nation’s Report Card” shows that nearly two-thirds of our children are not proficient readers.
  • Countless families want to provide their children with better educational options, but they are being denied that opportunity.
    • Surveys show millions more families would choose a charter school if they had access to one today.

I didn’t need a study to tell me that millions of families would choose charter schools if they had access to them. All you have to do is look at the waiting list for charter, magnet and private schools.  https://www.whitehouse.gov/briefings-statements/president-trump-is-fighting-for-every-familys-freedom-to-choose-the-best-possible-education-for-their-children/

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