Impeachment Proceedings, Bad for America’s Democracy

Throughout history many strong nations have collapse, in almost every case it has been from the inside. Impeachment proceedings have been so bad for America’s Democracy. Who in good faith can say that these hearing are not partisan? Who in good faith can say that these proceedings haven’t been 100% bias?

I don’t think it will happen, but let’s just say the Democrats successfully removed President Trump. Then what? Now Mike Pence is President and more than half the country those of whom voted for President Trump are boiling hot.

When Clinton was impeached at least there was some bipartisanship, when Nixon was about to be impeached at least their was some consensus on both sides of the aisle. Nonetheless, this case against President Trump appears to be nothing more than the Democrats coming after a man, whom they are afraid they will not be able to beat in the general election come next November.

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