Is Georgia New Law Voter Suppression?

Is it racist to require someone to show an ID to vote? I have made the argument that if so, then shouldn’t also requiring someone to produce a Passport ID to ensure they have been vaccinated also racist? My concern isn’t so much with the Black Liberal Elite class always created non-controversies which become controversies amongst the populace. My concern is that we continue to believe that we need more access to Vote, when no one can point to any benefits that we have obtained by voting.

For example, our communities have the highest crime rates, we have the highest amounts of people in poverty, the lowest home ownership, the lowest business ownership, and we our the highest incarcerated. President Trump once said that many of these Black Communities look like 3rd World Countries. With all this being a fact what area are we pointing too that shows improvement by voting? I’d argue that we need to focus less on voting and more on fixing the issues in our communities. I’d argue that current our people focus more on voting than we do on God, and ultimately our only salvation will come from the Lord.

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