Israel, Unite In Christ

I had the pleasure of speaking with Bishop Nathanyel of IUIC in an interview. I thought the interview went really well. Two Black Men discussing politics, religion, race and most importantly our identity as the Israelites. After the interview I started to search the internet for that similar videos of Black Men in unity and I couldn’t find one anywhere.

There are so many problem facing Black America, but without question the biggest problem is our division, our disunity. Joel 3, God says he will gather the remnant of Judah and Jerusalem, meaning that he would gather Israel in these times. I noticed some negative comments from other brothers and sisters on the video. Those who are not fans of the Bishop, or mine. As I read the comments of what they disagreed about, multiple wives, the gentiles, the name of Jesus, etc. All God kept saying to me was “Israel, Unite In Christ.”

None of us are perfect, only Christ is perfect, none of us are Holy, we might be striving to be Holy, but all of us have fallen short. If we approached life given mercy, knowing that God has given us mercy. I think the community could unite sooner than later. Yet the spirit of pride is all over us, we are unable to humble ourselves to the word, we are unable to humble ourselves even for a second. If you get a chance to watch the interview I did with Bishop, you will hear me call Bishop the Master Teacher, and he quickly corrected me saying no-one is the Master Teacher except Christ. That’s the type of humility we need, to place Christ above ourselves, we have no time for disarray right now, Israel, Unite In Christ.

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