JayZ detracts from his so-called “Principles” for an NFL check

Interestingly enough, this is unfortunately normal routine from our black leaders. Just recently we heard about how the Baltimore City Officials have been pocketing the money, allocated for the city.

Now in entertainment, JayZ partners with the NFL as an advocate for social justice. However, just like with the Baltimore Democrat City Officials only JayZ will profit from this venture, not black America.

Nonetheless, the package is presented as a win for us all. The fight is over. In my personal opinion in an American Sport it should be mandated to stand for the American Flag, similar to the NBA & Baseball. Nevertheless, it is not a requirement so Colin did nothing wrong except the public opinion disrespect to those, like myself, who revere the flag.

JayZ though, not only through Colin under the bus with taking his new NFL Deal, but he also distracted from his so-called principles. It was Jayz remember who refused to perform at last years NFL Superbowl, it was JayZ who called many artist advising them not to perform, it was JayZ who famously shamed Big Boi of OutKast for performing at the Superbowl. An it was also JayZ who called for the NFL Blackout.

Yet, just like the house slave on the plantation. Whenever it is profitable for them they will sell the masses further oppression. http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap3000001041162/article/jayzs-roc-nation-entering-partnership-with-nfl

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