Kanye West receives Major Black Lash after Meeting with President Trump (Full Analysis)

Don Lemon had the nerve to say that Kanye Wests mother is rolling in her grave. I can’t think of a more disrespectful thing someone could of said about Kanye West, with no regards for his personal feelings. This angered me but then I gathered myself. God told me, they are willing to do or say anything to stop you and to stop the others from leaving the Plantation. At all cost, Don Lemon has been on CNN for at least the last 10 years with one of the biggest voices and microphones in the world, what has he done with it for Black America? How has he used his HUGE platform to promote economic growth in our neighborhoods, to end poverty in our neighborhoods. I break down Kanye Wests full speech with President Trump, (Full Video On My Youtube) Kanye talked about reforming our educational system (Which everyone agree hasn’t worked) bringing manufacturing jobs to the inner cities and so much more. The Black Lash Kanye is receiving from our Black Liberal Elite Overseers is unbelievable 🤦🏾‍♂️but it is to be expected. Nothing that has a hold of you is going to let you go without a fight. Be Strong and Courageous, God is on our side!

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